About Us

Zadar County's INOVAcija Institution for the Development of Competence, Innovation and Specialisation was founded by a decision of the County Assembly on 18 June 2014. It unites Zadar County's development projects on which the County has been working since 2011 in coordination with the Ministry of Economy, Entrepreneurship and Crafts, and the Ministry of Regional Development and EU Funds, when the process of creating the Smart Regional Specialisation Strategy of the Republic of Croatia began. Development of the research-development and business infrastructure is key for the economic growth of a country. Introduction of know-how, technology and innovations in the Zadar economy is thus crucial for the growth of competitiveness and development of economic operators in Zadar County.

Development and improvement of entrepreneurship support institutions and of business and research-development infrastructure is accomplished through development projects of the food processing industry's competence centres and specialised incubators for companies in the metal processing industry and creative industry, as well as projects in education for the above sectors. In this sense, the projects fit into the strategic goals of the County which also plans and coordinates a comprehensive and harmonised set of goals, priorities, measures and activities directed towards strengthening the competitiveness of the area. Zadar County has recognised the creative industry as one of its development potentials. Precisely for this reason the Zadar Film Commission operates as part of the INOVAcija institution, the first office of its kind in Croatia. The goal of the office is to attract film projects to the Zadar County area and to offer active support to all operators who choose Zadar County for their filming location.

Creating a foundation which would enable the creation of a more competitive economy of the Zadar County is a highly demanding goal which the activities of INOVAcija are directed towards. The mission, vision and strategic goal of the INOVAcija Institution for the Development of Competence, Innovation and Specialisation of Zadar County are derived from this.

Contribution to the development of a technologically innovative and competitive economy of Zadar County and the Republic of Croatia.

Developing Zadar County into a recognised and economically attractive destination through a network of development activities with the help of the smart regional specialisation concept.

Strategic goal:
Creation of a network of entrepreneurship support institutions, as well as a research-development and business infrastructure for the purpose of helping in the creation of a network of economic operators based on knowledge and high technologies which will strengthen Zadar County and turn it into an attractive development-oriented economic area.

INOVAcija is one of the recognised centres for the implementation of the innovative concept check program (POC) carried out by the Croatian Agency for SMEs, Innovations and Investments (HAMAG-BICRO).