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Center for Creative Industries

Center for Creative Industries

The Ministry of Economy, Entrepreneurship, and Crafts has decided to finance the Center for Creative Industries project in Zadar and on September 3, 2018, the implementation of the project began.

The total value of the project is HRK 24,426,848.76, of which EUR 19,972,830.69 has been approved by the applicant from the European Regional Development Fund.

The partner in the project is Zadar County, and associates are the University of Zadar, School of Natural Sciences, School of Applied Arts and Design, Croatian Chamber of Economy - County Chamber of Zadar, Chamber of Crafts of Zadar County, Croatian Audiovisual Center HAVC.

 The Project is implemented by the Institution of competence, innovation, and specialization of Zadar County INOVAcija. The goal of the project is to build and equip a specialized entrepreneurial incubator for the creative industry with a focus on the IT and audiovisual industries. The implementation of the project will contribute to strengthening the competitiveness of the creative sector of the economy and increasing employment.

The creative industry has been identified as one of the strategic sectors in the City of Zadar and Zadar County, which has great development potential but lacks adequate infrastructure and equipment. The expected results of the project are the construction and equipping of the Center for Creative Industries facilities, the developed offer of the Center's services and the establishment of an initial creative sector network in the City of Zadar and Zadar County. The total area of ​​the building will be 1.562 m2. Within the building, there will be various functional and spatial units (offices, coworking offices, meeting rooms, cafe bar, deaf room with recording and sound studio, multifunction hall and showroom). In addition to construction and equipping, the project also envisages the development of a detailed plan of services to be provided by the Center for Creative Industries, based on the business plan that will be developed and the resource needs that will be anticipated in the future work of the Center. Initial networking of stakeholders in the creative sector will be achieved through promotional and visibility activities that will involve both stakeholders and project associates.

To achieve the aforementioned expected results, the implementation of the project is designed through 5 elements:

1. Project Management and Administration - Includes a description of the project team and the responsibilities of individual members. The project team will regularly monitor the implementation of project activities and monitor the achievement of objectives.

2. Publicity and Visibility - Describes the activities that will be undertaken to ensure adequate visibility of the project following EU guidelines and includes a wider range of stakeholders in the creative industry in Zadar County.

3. Construction of the Center for Creative Industries- describes in more detail the works that will be carried out during the construction of the basic infrastructure of the Center for the Creative Industries.

4. Equipping the Creative Industries Center- in addition to ancillary facilities (restrooms, pantries, staff rooms, etc.), a multifunctional hall, lobby/exhibit space, audiovisual project development rooms, meeting rooms, offices and a coffee bar will be equipped.

5. Creative Industries Center Work Planning - A detailed service plan and business plan for the Creative Industries Center will be developed.

 The implementation of the project will take 24 months.